With time, technology progress and new things are blended into our lives. For example, websites were rarity a decade ago. But now times are such that if your business doesn’t have a website, you will be losing out a lot of prospective clients.

Creating right and appropriate website for your business can be difficult especially for people who don’t have the technical knowledge and have no clue about it. But no worry, follow this simple Create a Website Guide and build a website on your own.2

Steps For Beginners To Create A Website

CHOOSE A DOMAIN NAME: You need a name for your website. Because, without a name, your site won’t even exist. For this, you have to buy a domain name. Though it doesn’t come free of cost and you have to pay an annual fee for registering it.

CHOOSE A WEB HOSTING PROVIDER: After getting a domain name, you have to link your site to a hosting company through which the site will be made live across the world.

CHOOSE A WEBSITE BUILDING PLATFORM: Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress are the three most commonly used platform when it comes to building websites. Both Drupal and Joomla are designed for thorough technical users and that is why WordPress highly recommend for the beginners.2

DESIGN IT WELL: If you do not have an eye-catching website, the chances are that very few people are going to stick to web pages. Make sure you design pages of a site in such a way that it looks both attractive and informative.

TEST ALL PAGES OF THE SITE: After you design it, ensure that it is tested. Run it over every popular browser and see to it that all pages are loading properly.
These are the basic things that a beginner need to take special care of while creating a website.

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