With the huge growth in popularity of the fitness industry – you’ve probably seen how many new gadgets have been released to try and cash-in. Many people think that fitness and technology go hand in hand, but that isn’t always the case. Whilst some think that you can’t get fit if you haven’t got all the right equipment – many still realise that you can still get results by keeping things simple. We’re going to look at how fitness gadgets could help improve your workout – or if you really need them at all.

What new gadgets have entered the market?
The biggest one has to be the Fitbit – with many people wondering how they coped without one. A Fitbit tracks all your activity and helps organize your fitness routine and adapt it to make it better. You can also share your results with friends.

There are also a few alternatives to the fitbit, and a number of cheaper apps that achieve similar results on your smartphone.

Aside from the Fitbit, there have been various lower-tech gadgets on the market for a number of years. Things like ab-crunchers have been around for decades, and whilst debate rages about whether they’re really that efficient – the still seem popular.

Do they really help?
If you look at Fitbits or activity apps – there is an argument at least that they make tracking your activity much easy, and also provide a motivational social aspect to getting fit. That being said, they don’t actually help you get fit, they just help motivate and record what you’re doing.

As for other fitness gadgets – it’s hard to say. Oftentimes, you’ll find the old tried and tested methods could still be the best.

That smile tells you exactly how running makes her feel

Do you really need them?
If a smartphone app helps you get motivated and you enjoy sharing results with friends, that’s great. But you don’t ACTUALLY need them. Many people find they can still get the results they want without spending any extra money, or by following tried and tested workout plans like Beachbody On Demand.

What can you do without using gadgets?
If you think you need gadgets to get in shape, you’re wrong. Simply get more activity done and consume the right foods. Most people think they need gadgets like Fitbits because it helps them get fit, but all you need is the right motivation. If you follow a plan like Masters Hammer and Chisel, you can get it done without spending too much.

About the author
The author of this article has years of experience in the fitness industry. He knows that keeping motivated can be difficult, but that it doesn’t necessarily need expensive gadgets. That’s why he recommends the CIZE workout plan.

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