You must have come across quite a number of TrackMyFone reviews online, which speak about the features the app offers and provide aconcise idea about the pros and cons of the app. However, here’s a different angle to reviewing the app. I’d like to share my review about because I felt this is something interested customers should read.

The Landing Page
The first thing you see when the page loads is the home screen. At a glance, you can see the summary of what solutions the app provided, like remotely viewing activities on the cell phone and tablets, monitoring without jailbreak, and a few other things like monitoring SMS, Calls, Contacts, WhatsApp, etc. It works on both Android and iOS devices and is iOS 9.3.2 compatible. They are offering a discount, which is only for a limited time, so you would be able to avail a great saving offer if you subscribe to it right now.

Other Webpages


You will find a summary of all the features the app offers on the “Features” page. These include the following:

Call Monitoring
SMS Monitoring
GPS Tracking
WhatsApp Monitoring
Viber Monitoring
Facebook Monitoring
View Photos
View Internet History
Skype Monitoring
Watchlist Alerts
Line Chats

When you scroll down on the page, you will see a table, summarizing the features you can find on the Android and iPhone No-jailbreak versions of the app. You can hit the “View Full Features Comparison” option to see the complete table.

Further down below, you will find a chart with other features the website offers, like Contact Support, View FAQs, Compatibility, Product Tour, Privacy Policy, and About Us.


At a glance, visitors on the page can see that the software works on various devices, like iPhones, Tablets, iPads, and Android cell phones. Some Android phones require rooting while others don’t, and this app is compatible for both. In fact, even for iOS devices, it is available in versions compatible with jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

Live Demo

Usually, TrackMyFone reviews don’t talk about the “Live Demo” so here goes.

This app is a web-based app, and the demo shows you exactly what you will subscribe to, which I felt was quite helpful for potential customers. On the “Live Demo” page, you will be able to see two options – “TrackMyFone for iPhone” and “TrackMyFone for Android“. Once you choose the demo for using the app to monitor an iPhone or Android cell phone it will load the respective demo.

You can also see other options for each demo: Settings, Reports, and Renew.

“Settings” – Is where you can configure the app to what you prefer.

Toggle Features – Here you can turn on or off specific features in the app.
Toggle Alerts – You can choose which alerts you want turned on or off.
Add Watchlist Words – From this setting, you can enter words that you want the app to alert you about whenever the target person uses them in emails or text messages.
Add Watchlist Contacts – This is where you can watch list specific contacts on the target’s phonebook so that the app alerts you whenever they communicate.
Add Watchlist Locations – This is where you can specify places that you want notifications for whenever the target person checks into or leaves those places.
Edit Device Profile – Here, you can edit your profile details, enter a photo; see the version of the app, the key, and subscription details and how many days to its expiry.
“Reports”- Is where you can get a summary of the different features to see the target person’s activities.

When you click on the option you want to monitor, android or iPhone, the web-based control panel will lead you to the dashboard.

“Renew” – Is where you can resubscribe to the app.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is where you will find all the features the app offers for monitoring the target person. You can see the following information:

Phone logs – This shows you all call logs with time duration, SMS, Emails, Contacts on the phone, Internet history, and entries on the Calendar.
Messenger – You can monitor various messengers installed on the target device, which includes Viber, Skype, iMessages, WhatsApp, Line, Kik, and Facebook.
Installed Apps – This feature shows you a summary of all installed apps and allows you to block them, disabling the target person from using them without your permission.
Locations – You can see a history of places visited by the target person, while the cell phone was with him or her. The app can show the history of locations visited on different dates.
Photos and Videos – You can check all photos and videos on the device, including those sent or received via the different messenger apps on the device.
Remote Control -On this page, you will find three options:
Wipe Phone – In extreme cases, you can wipe off the entire data on the target cell phone remotely from the control panel.
Take Screenshot – You can take screenshots to log different activities you witness on the target’s cell phone
Lock Phone – You can remotely lock the cell phone so that no one can access its contents without your permission.

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